Wedding planning – wedding ceremony, program and serving

A wedding is an event that is planned a long time in advance, and the bride and groom usually have high expectations for the big day. If we plan well and everyone knows what to do, how and when, the chances are high that all expectations will be met.

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A planning meeting

After your confirmation, the hotel will arrange a meeting with the bride and groom. It would be nice if this planning meeting could be combined with a possible tasting.


If you wish to prepare for the tasting, we kindly ask you to select 2 appetizers, 2 main courses, and 2 desserts. For the bridal couple, we offer a special price of NOK 295 per person. You are also welcome to invite guests to the tasting, and we offer a package price of NOK 795 per guest, which includes drinks.

We appreciate it if you could send us your menu choices no later than 10 days before our meeting.

Long experience

We have extensive experience in arranging weddings and ensure that your wedding is everything you dreamed of…

The wedding dinner

Most people choose a 3-course wedding menu.

A large and important part of the wedding party is the wedding dinner itself. A toastmaster leads expectant guests through a meal of excellent dishes of the highest quality.

Here it will be enjoyed, toasted and nice compliments of love will abound…

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We are happy to help you with the planning of your event!