Restaurant Neptun

4 course menu at 19.30
2 course menu at 20.00

We want the food to be an experience, and therefore we have developed a food philosophy that focuses on history and the use of local ingredients. This summer, we are serving a 4-course menu in the dining room starting at 19.00. If you choose the 2-course option, your table will be ready from 20.00. For children, we have a separate buffet available from 19.00, and the little ones can look forward to a movie experience at 19.45.

We place great importance on setting beautiful tables, and we encourage our dinner guests to dress nicely. Tables can be reserved through our online booking or at check-in.

Hotellgjester i restauranten
Moules frites
Nydelig rett fra kjøkkenet
Hotellgjester nyter et bedre måltid i restauranten


All days at 12-17

We serve delicious lunch dishes in the hotel restaurant, from the bar or out on the terrace.

Moules frites
Hotellgjester i restauranten

Here there are classic ballrooms, function rooms perfect for wedding parties, a bar and a conservatory.

“Skalldyrplatå” – Shellfish platter

Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 21 pm

Badehuset’s shellfish platter is served daily from Tuesday to Saturday, preferably on the terrace or inside the Winter Garden. The content on the plateau will vary slightly from day to day. We always strive to have as fresh ingredients as possible, so it must be ordered by 15 the day before so that the fisherman knows how many guests we have.

NOK 995 per person.

Sommerens Skalldyrplatå
Skalldyrplatå serveres i Restaurant Neptun

Bar “Roald Dahl”

From 16 to 21

Roald Dahl applied here in the summer, year after year. Perhaps “The Witches” was created here – or perhaps “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”? It is certain, in any case, that he found peace in his summer paradise here, like many others. Today the bar is called Roald Dahl. In the bar and on the terrace, the bar menu is served every day throughout the summer.

Bartender i Roald Dahl Bar
Nyt en aperitiff i baren før den store begivenheten
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